Healthy, Nontoxic Pumpkin Spice Cleaner

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Pumpkin spice isn't just for coffee anymore. Between candles, DIY essential oil diffuser blends, coffee creamers, Chia pudding, pumpkin pies, and everything else fall scented, you can also turn your cleaning experience into another round of pumpkin spice fun, while also helping benefit your home, mind, and body.

Plus there are many ways you can use this cleaner, which is perfect for minimalists!

Pumpkin Spice Thieves Cleaner

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Directions to make Pumpkin Spice Thieves Cleaner

Fill with distilled water, shake and clean away in heavenly pumpkin aroma!

I may or may not have just cleaned my kitchen and my bathroom..and they didn’t really need it.

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Turn your Pumpkin Spice Cleaner into a super soft scrub

Instead of placing your mixture into a glass bottle, place it into a glass or metal bowl, add a cup of baking soda, and add enough water to make a paste. If you need something more coarse, you can add some salt too.

This scrub works beautifully on ovens, grout, tubs, showers, and toilets. If you let it sit for an hour (or overnight) there is rarely any scrubbing needed.

52 ways to use this Pumpkin Spice Cleaner:

  1. Clean glass, mirrors, and windows
  2. Make this Dusting Cleaner using this wood polishing recipe
  3. Clean your kitchen sink
  4. Clean your kitchen counters
  5. Clean your kitchen floors
  6. Use to clean your fridge and freezer
  7. Add 2 Tablespoons to a cup of baking soda and enough water to make a past for a homemade oven soft scrub cleaner
  8. Use to clean your glass or ceramic stove top
  9. Wash your dishes, especially with stubborn food stuck on
  10. Clean your wood cabinets
  11. Clean your cammelback water bottle
  12. Use to clean your dining table, chairs, and high chair
  13. Clean your windowsills
  14. Spot clean your carpets (or all your carpets)
  15. Clean your dog’s or kid’s messes out of the carpet
  16. Clean your kid’s goopy Flarp/Gack that hardens and sticks everywhere
  17. Make your own DIY pumpkin spice hand sanitizer
  18. Clean your TV or computer screen
  19. Clean your door frames
  20. Clean your bathroom sinks
  21. Clean your tub and shower surrounds (using the same soft scrub as the oven cleaner mentioned above)
  22. Use as a tub cleaner (and tub jets if you have a jetted tub)
  23. Clean your bathroom toilets
  24. Use to clean your bathroom floors
  25. Clean your kid’s potty chair or seat insert
  26. Wash your baseboards
  27. Clean your grill
  28. Clean your light bulbs and fan blades
  29. Use to clean kids’ toys
  30. Use to clean your dog’s toys
  31. Clean your dog’s crate
  32. Use in lieu of dishwasher detergent
  33. Use in lieu of laundry detergent (yes, as a military family, I often end up resorting to this during our moves)
  34. Use as a laundry stain remover
  35. Clean your kid’s grass stains out of clothes
  36. Clean your baby’s poop stains out of clothes
  37. Use to clean your spouse’s car grease stains out of clothes
  38. Clean the tools in your garage
  39. Clean car parts
  40. Use to wash your car
  41. Wash your kids' carseats
  42. Clean your car dashboards
  43. Use to wash grease off your hands
  44. Clean your jewelry
  45. Clean your leather
  46. Clean your computer keyboard
  47. Use to clean Mildew
  48. Use to wipe down shopping cart handles
  49. Use to clean sports equipment
  50. Clean camping equipment, and RV camper
  51. Clean pool toys
  52. Make Pumpkin Spice Foaming Hand Soap

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