iTovi Review

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If you've been around the essential oil community long enough, I'm sure you've heard of the Zyto or iTovi scans that scan for bioimpedances to help you know which oils your body could use the most based on your individual markers.

It seems like these scans have almost a cult-like following. Could a little device you rest your hand on really determine nutritional/vibrational needs within your body that can actually provide help?

In my experience, yes!

I've also seen multiple first hand accounts about how useful this device can be​. But before we go into why and how I use this little handheld device, lets look into what bioimpedance is…

A quick disclaimerI did purchase my iTOVi in full in December 2015. I am not being paid or reimbursed for this post… this is my full, honest opinion. I may, however, have referral links in this post that could potentially result in receiving a small commission on sales that does not impact the price you spend, if you decide to purchase. ​Nothing in this post is intended to treat or diagnose any disease or health ailment in any way. If you feel the need for medical attention, please consult your doctor. 

What is Bioimpedance?

The video below explains bioimpedance:

How I Use The iTOVI

Not sure what essential oil you need? This is how you find out! This biometric scanner helps you decide which essential oils your body needs the most! Check out this iTOVi Review

The iTOVI comes set up as a handheld device with two metal domes on it. Simply hold it up to any part of your skin where both of those domes are touching you. I usually hold it in my hand, but you can also rest it on your arm or leg. I often hold it up against my 2-year-old's leg because his hands aren't quite big enough to reach both points.

After a scan, I typically look through a reference guide or the Releasing Emotions Using Essential Oils book to further figure out why I need a certain oil, if I can't figure it out.

Based on personal experience, I know if I see an oil pop up for digestive support or used for immune boosting​, that I need to use the oil right away as part of a preventative health routine!

I do love that I can choose whether I want to see all the oils Young Living has to offer or if I only want to see Premium Starter Kit oils. I think it is fantastic to be able to show people who only have the 11 most popular oils Young Living offers ​which oils would benefit them the most. It is so incredibly helpful for new leaders to be able to show new members which oils would benefit them the most, which helps make the sudden acquisition of 11 new oils much easier to handle and figure out.

iTovi also Works On Animals

Yes! The iTovi can also be used to scan animals! I usually recommend putting a wet paper towel between the scanning device and your pet's skin, using a spot on your pet's body that has the least amount of fur. I use my iTOVI frequently on my Newfoundland and Rottweiler, and have used it on other dogs too. I have friends who have used it on horses and larger livestock, as well as cats.

*** Do make sure you double check oil safety to make sure anything that animal has scanned for is suitable for the animal. 

Is iTovi only for Young Living Essential Oils?

No. While my results are tailored to Young Living specific essential oils, you can have your device calibrated to use different brands or ​nutrition supplements. So far, they do have scanners capable of being calibrated to doTERRA, Young Living, Zija/Ameo, Synergy Worldwide, Q Sciences, Neways/Modere, VEO Natural, Be Young, Natural Longevity, and Nature's Sunshine… with the option of filling out a request to add additional companies.

How much does the iTOVi cost?

Currently at the time of posting this, there are 2 options: Basic and Choice.

On rare occasion, they do run sales, which are typically for $50 savings.

When initially looking at the price, it can be a bit breathtaking and overwhelming, but I do firmly believe the investment is worth it, especially when you're working as an oils coach.

When you break down the price, the iTOVi's initial full payment of $799.99 broken out to $39.99 payments ​leaves you having the scanner paid off within 20 months. This is why I usually recommend paying for the product in full. If you take from savings or even on a credit card and only pay yourself back based on the monthly access rate, you will have your device fully paid for in 20 months, with no additional monthly fees compared to $39.99 indefinite monthly payments that would continue past those 20 months.

For me, the larger overwhelming price is easier to justify than the initially cheaper subscription option. Plus, if you are using this as a coaching tool, it does become a business expense, which is tax deductible.

All things considered, after using the iTOVi regularly for the past year and a half​ on myself, my family, my leaders, and my local customers, I would absolutely buy it again and highly recommend it to everyone who uses essential oils frequently and especially recommend it to everyone who coaches essential oil use.

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  1. Going to order the itovi and want someone to get the credit for the sale….
    Please can you verify that you are still using the itovi and eligible for credit on the sale?

    1. Thank you for commenting, OluDee! Yes, I am still using the iTovi, and yes, I am still eligible for receiving credit for sales. Thank you very much for considering using my links. I appreciate you.

    1. Hi Alicia, Thank you for reading our article and taking the time to comment. iTovi has an entire page dedicated to teaching you how to use your device that might be helpful (it was for me). When you tap on scan and choose a contact to scan, you’ll be offered to choose how many products you want to scan for… 3, 5, 7, or 10 (I always leave 10 selected). Scroll down and you’ll see “Products to Scan For:” with the selection options of All Products, Oils, Supplements, Blends, Weight Management, Other products, Starter kit Products, and Oola. Tap on “Starter Kit Products” and you’ll only receive recommendations for oils within the Premium Starter Kit. Then tap the blue Scan button and wait for your results. I hope this helps!

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