Young Living Essential Oils PSK & 100 Uses

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Young Living's Premium Starter Kit features 11 of the most used essential oils and oil blends. It is the fastest and most efficient way to dive into the world of essential oils.

  • Essential oils include: Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense, and Peppermint
  • Essential oil blends include: Raven, Citrus Fresh, Pan Away, Thieves, DiGize, Valor, Peace and Calming, and Stress Away

​ The oils in the Premium Starter Kit were chosen because they are the most purchased, most popular, and most used by essential oil enthusiasts and Young Living members. They can all easily be used daily in your normal routine. There truly is no better way to get started using essential oils than with these 5 essential oils and 6 essential oil blends and a diffuser in your home. (If you haven't yet taken the plunge to order your kit, buy one here).

A quick note before using your oils: please keep a carrier oil on hand when using your essential oils. They are natural, but very potent and can cause skin irritation. We recommend you dilute a drop of essential oil with 1 ml of carrier oil – or 5 drops essential oil to a teaspoon of carrier oil. Carrier oils can be just about any seed-based oil, such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or Young Living's V6 oil (these are a great deal too that gives you a variety to see which you like best).

A carrier oil can be any cold-pressed, seed-based oil (ideally organic and unrefined). This includes most cooking oil, like coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil. Personally, we LOVE using sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and the V6 Carrier oil (made by Young Living). This is the best way to dilute your essential oils for topical use.

How to use the oils in your starter kit

We have an article for each of the Premium Starter Kit oils that talks in-depth that covers what they are, a variety of ways to use them, and DIY recipes.

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How much does Young Living's Premium Starter Kit Cost??

This really depends on which Premium Starter Kit you choose to purchase. The Premium Starter Kits start at $165, and range all the way up to $265, depending on which diffuser you choose.

100 Ways to use Your Premium Starter Kit

This kit is so entirely valuable I asked the members of our Revolution Oils facebook community their favorite ways to use their Premium Starter Kit.  The feed back was incredible and we came up with way more than 100, but I wanted to share with you some of our favorite ways to use

  1. Digize and Peppermint for Digestive Support. Just dilute it and rub it on.
  2. Lavender for your skin. It is amazing used if you touch a hot pan or need some extra support for stressed skin after the sun.
  3. Frankincense for emotional support.
  4. Frankincense for meditation or focus.
  5. Peace and Calming – Only takes a drop or two (diluted of course) on kids for it to change your life and theirs.
  6. Raven apply diluted on your chest for that time of the year when the seasons change.
  7. Mature skin serum. Frankincense, Lavender, Geranium, Grapefruit 10 drops each and a 1:1 ratio of almond, grape seed and avocado oil.
  8. Digize helps provide relief from bloating.
  9. Another amazing face serum Copaiba, Frankincense, Lavender in a roller, diluted in Grapeseed Oil.  That’s why we all have incredible skin!
  10. Lavender Lemonade
  11. A drop of Frankincense to upgrade your moisturizer.
  12. Drop of lemon in the water (previously diluted in a tsp of honey) in the morning to support your body’s natural detoxification processes.
  13. DIY deodorant with lavender Essential Oil.
  14. Homemade foaming soap with Thieves Essential Oil, Dr. Bonner’s and a foaming soap bottle.
  15. Thieves hand sanitizer comes in the box!  We carry it everywhere, using it all the time.  It works like a powerhouse without the junk!
  16. Stress Away and Valor DIY roll-on to soothe sore tight muscles.
  17. Throw out the chemicals under you sink!  Use your packet of Thieves Household Cleaner and clean the house for days! It’s a concentrate s a little bit goes a really long way!
  18. Lavender on your dryer balls!  The most amazing smelling laundry!
  19. Lemon helps to cut stains in the laundry.
  20. Lemon or Citrus Fresh to keep the diaper pail smelling clean.
  21. Cook the most amazing Salmon that packs a punch with Lemon Essential Oil.
  22. Thieves cleaner in a roller bottle for a stain stick.
  23. Frankincense for head tension.
  24. Peppermint on the neck to relieve minor ear pain.
  25. Panaway on the back and neck for soreness.
  26. Lavender in the diffuser at night.
  27. Thieves cleaner cleans everything!  We use it on windows, tubs, toilets, floors, fixtures, sinks and just about any surface that needs cleaning.  It’s so harsh chemical free that even your kids can use it.
  28. Valor for focus.
  29. A drop of Valor in aftershave.
  30. Raven in the shower and breathe deeply to support healthy airways.
  31. Raven in Epsom Salt to support your kids breathing.
  32. Raven dilute and put on chest for a harder more effective workout.
  33. Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint for season support during the springtime pollen attacks.
  34. Peppermint in a cooling spray.
  35. Lemon as a natural goo gone.
  36. A drop of Thieves in hubby’s work boots.
  37. Thieves press to the roof of the mouth for head tension.
  38. Valor rubbed down the spine to keep the body in balance.
  39. Peppermint or thieves in tea and coffee
  40. Peppermint to freshen breath.
  41.  Lavender diffuse to unwind from the day
  42. Lavender for skin irritations
  43. Frankincense for a DIY face mask or add to upgrade yours
  44. Mix Thieves Essential Oil with baking soda and sprinkle over carpet to get a fresh clean smell
  45. Digize for motion sickness
  46. Citrus Fresh on dryer balls for amazing smelling laundry.
  47. Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint spray for a pet’s itchy paws.
  48. Lavender and Stress away behind pet’s ears to calm them.
  49. NingXia Red to support the diet of pets.
  50. Lemon on wool dryer balls for laundry.
  51. Citrus Fresh to flavor water and help balance the body.
  52. Lemon and Thieves for a harsh chem free bleach.
  53. DIY Peppermint spray to keep away ants and critters.
  54. Thieves in the diffuser to keep the air clean.
  55. Citrus Fresh and Lavender added to homemade soap.
  56. Lavender (diluted) to support the belly skin of a pregnant lady.
  57. Stress Away with epsom salt in the bath.
  58. Valor to help kids relax in growth spurts.
  59. Lavender and Frankincense roller blend for boo boos.
  60. Raven and Panaway in the diffuser to open the airways.
  61. Stress Away straight from the bottle to unwind and chill.
  62. Peace and Calming on the feet to help relax.
  63. Lavender and Stress Away on the bottom of the big toe to help relax.
  64. NingXia Red to maintain a healthy body and give extra nutritional support in times of need.
  65. Citrus Fresh or Lemon in the gym bag to keep it smelling nice.
  66. Peace and Calming for a focus roller for kiddo.
  67. Valor for helping you calm overwhelm.
  68. Lemon to remove crayon.
  69. Valor, Peace and Calming, Stress Away and Lavender diffused for sleep.
  70. Panaway and Raven mixed with coconut oil for a vapor rub.
  71. Citrus Fresh on Cotton balls and put in shoes and garbage cans.
  72. Lavender for bug bites.
  73. Thieves EO for immunity tea.
  74. DIY fabric softener:: white vinegar, distilled water, vegetable glycerin, and citrus fresh Essential Oil
  75. Diffuse Citrus Fresh while you are pushing the button on your self cleaning oven.
  76. Thieves EO for proactive immune support.
  77. Lavender vitality in a London Fog latte.
  78. Valor on the big toe to help with snoring.
  79. Lemon and Frank Vitamin E roller to apply under the eyes.
  80. Citrus Fresh or Peppermint cotton bottle stuck in the air vent in the car.
  81. Lavender on the airbrush for soft and healthy hair.
  82. Lemon for motion sickness.
  83. DIY Thieves wipes!
  84. Thieves or lemon in iced tea.
  85. Peppermint Sugar Scrub
  86. Frankincense to support smooth and healthy skin on the face.
  87. Frankincense to support breast health
  88. A drop of Thieves in a small spoonful of honey for immune support.
  89. A drop of Lavender in your mascara.
  90.  Digize or Frankincense for backed up tummy.
  91. Valor for public speaking or calming for school.
  92. Toner with witch hazel, lavender and frankincense.
  93. Peppermint under the tongue for upset stomach or calm occasional reflux.
  94. Homemade mouthwash with peppermint and thieves.
  95. Add lavender to shampoo and conditioner to support healthy hair.
  96. Valor on the jawline during times of stress.
  97. Lavender and baking soda in the litter box.
  98. NingXia Slushes for a healthy, nutrient dense treat!
  99. Peppermint and lemon for a wake up roller.
  100. Peace and Calming for emotional support.

My personal experience using Young Living's Premium Starter Kit

I purchased Young Living's Premium Starter Kit in 2014, almost a year after overcoming some intense debilitating autoimmune and neurological health problems. I was on the search for high quality essential oils, pregnant, and looking for better options for cleaning our home without harmful chemicals or having to DIY every little thing like I had been for a year.

How I found Young Living

I first learned about Young Living through doing Pinterest searches. I came across a natural wellness blogger in 2013 who really resonated with me, and pinned one of her posts to save her information for later, not sure if I was ready to spend the money to dive in with a starter kit.

You see… I was unable to work due to a complex autoimmune and seizure disorder, and already unable to afford much of anything. The only income I made was my $974 monthly veteran's disability stipend. $165 for a box of oils is a lot to spend when you can't even afford to pay rent, and not living on the streets thanks to the grace of a couple friends.

After deciding to see if Young Living's quality would live up to its hype, I decided to give them a try and compare them to the other brands I had already been using. My main oil brand that I loved was very difficult to find, and at the time was not selling their oils online.

I spent 8 months searching for that pin with that blogger's information. Something about her really spoke to me, and if I was going to sign up and spend the money, I knew she had to be the one to help guide me through.

I'm so thankful for intuition. The woman I signed up with, Becky Webb, ended up rising up the ranks from Silver when I joined to Diamond just a year later. Seeing her transformation with oils was incredibly inspiring… then seeing her professional transformation following her passion building her oils business was just jaw dropping (even though I wasn't originally interested in the business). Getting to know her has truly been an honor, as she was one of the few people I've met who is genuinely encouraging… the perfect ambassador to what Young Living is all about.

What changed… what caused me to start Young Living's Business Opportunity

In 2014 I got married, and we welcomed our first baby, after a dramatic full physical healing season in 2013. I was adamant during the summer of 2014 that I didn't want anything to do with Young Living's business opportunity. I had horrible experiences with two different Amway teams, and ended up sucked into Melaleuca's false advertising. After their products all made me horribly sick (sneezing and allergic reactions), and alienating myself from the few friends I had thanks to all three teams' horrible marketing practices, I decided to end my time with them… and any other network marketing company that would potentially come my way.

Young Living was different. There was no pressure to sell. Just acceptance, and genuine caring. The team I had chosen was perfect for me, and totally aligned with my values. There was no spamming… there was no high pressure sales tactics… there was no guilt trips over not doing anything right.. and there was no pressure to purchase more ever.

I started sharing some of my successes with the oils. I talked about how they helped with our quality of sleep… about how they helped me ward off feeling fuzzy like I used to before having a seizure… about how they helped me gain strength with starting to walk again (after 8 years of being in and out of bed rest and wheelchairs)… and about how they helped me regain my focus and start remembering things again.

Next thing I knew… friends and a couple family members were asking me where I was getting my oils from and how they can get the same ones I was using too. Apparently some had tried cheaper essential oils in the past and never had results, so learning that results can happen with using high quality oils turned them into high demand.

I never once tried to close a sale. Just shared my story, and provided links when asked. Next thing I knew, I had a business. And it continued to grow each year.

And blessings flowed…

  • Not having an adequate income was no longer an issue for me
  • Being unsure about how to earn enough to cover my oil purchases each month was not an issue
  • Wondering what I can do when no one would hire me because of my health issues was no longer a problem
  • I could finally afford the high quality, nontoxic cleaners I needed and didn't have to DIY
  • We could finally have our house smelling lovely without worrying about ingredients or using harmful chemicals in candles and air fresheners.
  • My memory improved

As if the healing benefits weren't enough, I actually had a flexible (accidental) business that I could literally take with me anywhere we moved to. Being a military family, we move to different states (and sometimes countries) every couple years.

  • My business moves with us without adding too much weight to our moves
  • I don't have to worry about transferring jobs or starting new ones
  • I'm able to stay home with my son
  • I was able to completely take 4 months off for maternity leave when we had our second son (no paperwork, no loss in income, no permission needed)
  • We've been able to go with my husband to his training, without needing permission, worrying about losing income, and without having to stop my business.
  • I don't have to spam anyone or worry about ruining relationships
  • I'm able to build my business anyway I want, with whom I want, how I want, when I want, and where I want… total freedom.

And probably the single most exciting part of working a Young Living business with our team… I have the privilege to provide families with their own abilities to heal themselves, solve their most important life problems, and create their own flexible businesses.

I get to guide them through being their own hero through all that, all while putting my own passions and education in business strategy to use. I literally get paid to help people enhance their quality of life. Its the dream job I didn't know I needed… and now I cannot imagine life without it.

Want more info about how to use essential oils safely??

We have our 1-Week Introduction to Essential Oils Course publicly available at no cost. You're welcome to join us for our favorite essential oil information to help you get started, curated just for beginners!

Need Guidance or Help with your new Premium Starter Kit?

Suddenly having 12 new oil bottles sitting in your home may seem overwhelming at first, especially to anyone not used to using essential oils. This is precisely why it is important to have a good mentor in place to help you.

Our responsive team is dedicated to providing an extra layer of support… providing complimentary coaching specifically designed for helping our members learn how and when to use their oils in a manner that does not totally disrupt your lifestyle by providing our favorite references and access to several exclusive groups on Facebook designed just for our members. 

If you're feeling stuck, don't hesitate calling your sponsor, even if you don't know which questions to ask. If you don't have a sponsor, we have several coaches in various locations around the world who would love to help. Simply contact us and we will gladly talk with you to see if we'd be a good match for you.

Need a quality team to go with your quality oils?

Life isn't meant to be lived alone. Not in any capacity. Using oils (or sharing about them) shouldn't be any different.

When you sign up with our team by purchasing your new Premium Starter Kit you'll receive:

  • A 400-page comprehensive essential oil reference guide (or the associated app if preferred)
    ** New members outside the US will receive the app**
  • 24% discount on all future orders
  • Ability to take advantage of our Essential Rewards program, earning points to be used as cash for free products
  • Individual and group wellness and healthy lifestyle coaching
  • Access to all our publicly and privately available courses at no additional cost
  • Ongoing essential oil education
  • Access to our exclusive growing, supportive community
  • [OPTIONAL] the easiest way to start your own essential oils business, with supplemental and residual income opportunity
  • [OPTIONAL] Individual and group business coaching focused on authentic business building practices that honors your family, mind, body, and soul

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Thank you for reading our article about Young Living's Premium Starter Kit!

I hope you found this post useful and informative. Please take a moment to look around our website for more information on how essential oils can help enhance your quality of life.


P.S. If you need some essential oils, we provide special coaching, resources, and support groups for our members. Just head over to our membership page to create an account or contact us.