Can lemon essential oil lighten your skin?

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You're up… Coffee brewing… Starting your day. You make your way to the mirror, seeing reminders of all the obnoxious imperfections the mirror so judgmentally reflects. Those dark, dull spots… the ones that didn't use to be there in your younger days. Sigh… the struggle is real. Desperate to look like the you that you remember, you smudge on enough pore-clogging foundation face paint to mason together a brick building. There has got to be a better way!

After browsing the internet, searching for an answer, you find yourself here… frustrated by all the conflicting information on the internet.

Can lemon essential oil lighten skin?

The short answer: Yes!

Lemon essential oil does a great job at helping you lighten and brighten your skin. But you need to keep one thing in mind before you do.

While you may use lemon essential oil on your skin for lightening, PLEASE keep in mind that where you apply the lemon oil to on your skin should NOT be exposed to sunlight within 12 hours of application.

*** CAUTION*** Please keep in mind that lemon essential oil is considered to be “photosensitive/phototoxic,” which means will likely produce a burning sensation with rash where you applied it that area is exposed to direct sunlight within 12 hours of application.

And yes… if you're starting to wonder about your hair… lemon essential oil can help lighten your hair too. To do this, add a few drops of lemon essential oil to a pinch of Himalayan salt in a spray bottle, add distilled water, and spray over your hair. The same warning from above does apply. Keep anywhere the lemon oil touches out of sunlight for 12 hours.

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What if I don't want to risk lemon oil's photosensitivity?

Are you wanting to brighten and lighten your face without using a photosensitive oil?

I totally can relate to not having “enough time for that” to safely use lemon essential oil on our faces, and then wait 12 hours (or more, depending on your body) before going outside or for a drive… or even sitting next to a window with the curtains open.

Instead of the lemon DIY trick, You can find my favorite safe facial mask DIY recipe here: Geranium Face Mask that won't cause your skin harm in the sun.

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Lemon Essential Oil has many benefits... learn more

Have you used lemon essential oils for lightening skin spots? Let us know in the comments!

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Can lemon essential oil brighten or lighten dark spots on your skin?
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4 thoughts on “Can lemon essential oil lighten your skin?”

  1. Hello there…
    I have been struggling with breakouts ever since i got pregnant, i gave birth and my girl is 2 years now but istill get terrible breakouts, acne and they leave dark spots on my face.. i used to have a clear glowing face before giving birth and I’m wondering what went wrong, will i ever get back to my glow..

    So , is it safe for me to apply lemon essential oil mixed jojoba oil on my face? Will this help.
    Thank You❤

    1. Hi Sharifah, I had the same issues with my second pregnancy, and I believe you can get your glow back, but it may be different than the “pregnancy glow.” Most often, our hormones end up a bit off after having children. You may apply lemon oil diluted with jojoba to your face, but please keep in mind that this is a photosensitive oil and not to expose your face to direct sunlight for the following 12 hours after application. That isn’t always ideal. What has worked best for me is the skincare line at GGlowry (its completely natural, herbal-infused, and handmade).

    1. Hi Vatsal, thank you for your comment! Yes, you may mix lemon and orange essential oils with some carrier oil and apply that to your face. Though a word of warning: both lemon and orange essential oils are photosensitive oils, so please do NOT apply them to your face within 12 hours of your face being exposed to direct sunlight. I hope this helps!

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