Essential Oils to Quiet Your Mind

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Tired of feeling like you’re wasting your time with meditation, “being fully present,” and all that other “woo woo” stuff designed to help you be the best version of you? Do any of those crazy phrases that make you feel like a silly tree hugger even work? Are you wasting your time? Or is there actually something to it all?

We all hear it: “Meditate an hour a day. When you feel like you’re too busy, meditate 2 hours a day.”

Meditate an hour a day. When you feel like you're too busy, meditate 2 hours a day.Click to Tweet

Have you ever relaxed, ready for some down time… just to be frustrated by the constant flow of thoughts and ideas flooding through your mind, unable to slow down your mind… then give up because you’re desperate for a distraction? Yet when you sit down to actually be able to write it all out or need new thoughts to formulate new ideas… you’re stuck in silence with a lack of inspiration… or any minuscule thought at all.

Yes… this happens to EVERYONE… No… you’re not crazy!

Wouldn’t it be nice if more people would talk about the HOW behind meditation and quieting your mind to meditate? Instead most of what I’ve heard and read has been along the lines of “you just do it.” I have to laugh a little because I’ve had many people ask me this recently, and initially I had replied “lots of practice.” But this morning I was working through my self-care morning routine, and was reminded more about the process I went through to calming my mind down. And while I sent out messages to several of the wonderful ladies I’ve been talking with about learning to meditate and be fully present, I thought you, my readers, would LOVE to hear it too.

How to quiet your mind and fully be present.. naturally. PLUS a brief guide to meditation

So… how you do quiet your mind?

When I first dove into the wild world of self-improvement, self discovery, personal development, and spiritual development, I was greatly overwhelmed. It seemed like an additional chore that I didn’t want to burden my schedule and precious limited energy with… but at the same time I felt pulled in that direction with an unidentifiable calling that resulted in opening up a whole new way of life that is 100% totally worth the time investment!

This morning I reminisced about the yoga class I took for a semester at Palomar College in Southern California, and thought of the women who’ve been asking me what they can do to practice quieting their minds. The professor who taught the course was incredible, helping me adapt my yoga poses to my physical limitations (I was unable to stand because of low blood pressure spells… you can read more about my health story here). For 16 weeks doing yoga at a studio twice a week, the instructor helped me learn how to focus on breath techniques and stretches.

From there I realized, meditation and yoga isn’t all about fully clearing your mind as a conscious act. It is about allowing thoughts to come in, acknowledging them, and releasing them… all while continuing to live in the sounds and process of breathing while being conscious in the sensation felt while stretching. When you do this often enough… your mind allows thoughts to actually be released, instead of hoarded in the cluttered corner of your mind that creeps in with anxiety-induced overwhelm.

meditation and yoga isn't all about fully clearing your mind as a conscious act. It is about allowing thoughts to come in, acknowledging them, and releasing them.Click to Tweet

Deepen your meditation with essential oils

For the longest time, I only used essential oils as enjoyable aromas to diffuse that didn’t come action packed with toxic chemicals (like typical air fresheners do), and for occasional headaches or nausea. I didn’t realize how powerful they can be with further deepening meditation until after applying Palo Santo to my forehead when I read about how it is used in shamanistic healing and became curious. Holy cow!

Let me first forewarn… if you choose to place palo santo oil on your forehead, make sure you do so while sitting down and fully focused on one intentional thought. It sucked me straight into an intense hypnotic meditation that changed my life.

** PLEASE NOTE ** Don’t be fooled by clever marketing. Not all essential oils are created equally. Make sure you’re not wasting your money on fake essential oils, or oils diluted in questionable solvents. Don’t miss our guide on how to find quality essential oils to make sure you’re not wasting your money on brands that legally carry out questionable or unethical practices and mislead you through deceitful marketing practices.

Since then, I’ve found several oils work great in helping deepen our meditation experiences:

  • Frankincense – is the most powerful essential oil for our spirit. It is grounding, balancing, and facilitates openness. Frankincense may help you connect with your spiritual self, and stabilize your root chakra, so that your energy can flow through your chakras.
  • Sandalwood – is extremely cleansing and silencing negative thoughts and stress that cloud your mind, increasing our ability to focus, relax, and meditate. It is may help you to physically relax more during your meditation.
  • Palo Santo – is considered to be a cousin to Frankincense and is loosely translated mean “Holy Wood.” It has been used for hundreds years by shamans for spiritual applications. It’s grounding and calming and may encourage a peaceful and calming inner environment.
  • Cedarwood – encourages inward focus. It may also help to illuminate your need for meditation and return us to our spiritual path when obstacles have made it difficult.
  • Clary Sage – may clear the room of any stagnant negative energies that can influence and distract our minds from focusing and releasing.
  • Neroli – is a spiritually transformative essential oil that may help promote self-love and acceptance, reduce your fears, and inspire creativity. Neroli helps with centering spiritually and physically to help us achieve mindfulness, clarity, and inner peace.

DIY essential oil blends to help enhance meditation:

To make roller blends, add the number of oil drops described below… then top off a 10ml bottle with your favorite carrier oil (such as sweet almond, fractionated coconut oil, grape seed oil… etc)

  • Blessed Dreams DIY Roller Blend: 3-4 drops each of frankincense, sandalwood, tangerine, and juniper.  Use 1-2 drops each to turn it into a diffuser blend.
  • Gratefulness in a Bottle DIY Roller Blend: 3-4 drops each of frankincense, geranium, and orange essential oils. Use 1-2 drops each for a diffuser blend.
  • Liquid Forgiveness Roller Blend: 3 drops each of lavender, cedar wood, frankincense, and patchouli. Use 1-2 drops each for a diffuser blend.
  • Inspiration DIY Roller Blend: 3 drops each of lavender, cedar wood, rosemary, and vetiver.  Use 1-2 drops each for a diffuser blend.

Need empty bottles? You can order them from any bottle supply shop that offers essential oil bottles, or even off of Amazon. Personally, we save our old essential oil bottles, remove the labels, and reuse the bottles. To reuse your bottles, ensure they are clean by soaking the empty bottle disassembled, and boil it for at least 15 minutes. Then let dry.

Need a fun roller bottle? Here are some of our favorite essential oil roller bottles on Amazon:

Non-DIY essential oil blends to help enhance meditation:

Often I love using blends more than single oils. While single oils are great, often blends can empower our minds, souls, and bodies a little differently and sometimes more efficiently. And lets face it… we aren’t all into DIY options, so I put together a list of our favorite pre-made oil blends for you.

Dream Catcher – comprised of sandalwood, tangerine, ylang ylang, black pepper, bergamot, juniper, anise, and blue tansy essential oils. This blend is best used when meditating at night before falling asleep (and while sleeping). Dream Catcher is specifically formulated to help us open our minds, enhance our dreams, visualize our dreams, and manifest our dreams.

Gratitude – comprised of balsam fir, frankincense, coriander, myrrh, ylang ylang, bergamot, black spruce, vetiver, and geranium essential oils. This blend is best diffused or applied over your heart chakra. Gratitude is designed to help elevate and soothe emotional and spiritual wounds, while encouraging a grateful mindset.

Humility – is comprised of coriander, ylang ylang, bergamot, geranium, Mellissa, frankincense, myrrh, spikenard, neroli, and rose essential oils. This blend is best diffused or applied topically over your heart, temples, neck, or forehead. Humility helps us heal through fostering a sense of forgiveness.

Inspiration – is comprised of cedar wood, spruce, myrtle, coriander, sandalwood, frankincense, bergamot, spikenard, vetiver, ylang ylang, and geranium in a base of fractionated coconut oil. It is best diffused or applied on the edges of our ears, on our wrists, necks, temples, forehead, crown of heads, bottoms of feet, or along our spines. Inspiration was designed to help us with communicating and fostering deeper connections with our higher selves and Source/God. It helps us release negative thoughts and enhances our spiritual awareness, promoting a perfect environment for prayer and meditation.

Sacred Mountain – is comprised of spruce, ylang ylang, balsam fir, and cedar wood. It is best diffused or diluted and applied on the crowns of our heads, the backs of our necks, behind our ears, on our thymus, or on our wrists. The Sacred Mountain blend was specifically designed for  enhancing a feeling of being protected, empowered, and grounded.

Transformation – is a blend of lemon, peppermint, clary sage, sandalwood, blue spruce, frankincense, cardamom, palo santo, and ocotea essential oils. It is best used in the diffuser or diluted and applied topically our foreheads and over our hearts. Transformation was specially created for releasing pent-up effects from repressed emotional and spiritual trauma while replacing the negative emotions with joy, hope, and courage so we can move forward in our transformational journeys.

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Nicole Graber, team leader, author, and editor to EssentialOils.Life and blog websites.

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    1. Hi Jane! Thank you for your comment and kind compliment! I find essential oils to be very affordable for our lifestyle needs. A little bit goes a long way! I’ll send over a message to you in a few mins.

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