Need More Energy??

We've all been there… feeling great one moment… and then you crash hard, ready for a mid-afternoon nap that your job (and kids) frown upon. Most of us aren't able to hide away for the coveted afternoon siesta, but still find that we need more energy.

If you’re still using toxic energy drinks to get through the day, you’re only causing your body more harm. With little to no government safety regulations, companies are adding questionable ingredients that have had some devastating effects including:

  • migraines/headaches
  • problems sleeping
  • behavioral changes
  • diabetes
  • strokes
  • heart attacks
  • and deaths

You shouldn't have to sacrifice your health just because you need more energy!

Did you know: Low energy is a SYMPTOM. Something is going on in your body that is causing you to experience low energy, which means you will always need something to give you an energy boost unless you take time to address the root of the problem.

When it comes to health and wellness (energy included), how you feel is a direct result of two things: what you're putting in your body, and what you're exposing it to. There are natural ways to get that boost you need, specifically proper nutrition. Proper nutrition is key. Nutrition will give your body fuel it needs to give you the energy you need.

Gaining more energy shouldn't force you to sacrifice your health. Energy drinks are health hazards filled with toxic ingredients. Boost your energy naturally

Essential oils to use when you need more energy

Lemon, peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, myrtle, nutmeg, black pepper, and thyme essential oils are all good oils to use to help increase your energy. These oils are fantastic at supporting your body's adrenal glands and provides an extra mental ability boost to help you think clearer, more focused, and with more motivation.

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Often you won't notice the subtle energy boost because it doesn't happen the same way as a caffeine packed drink would.

DIY diffuser blend with peppermint and lemon to boost your energy and help you focus

Supplements to help give you a boost when you need energy

So, what natural supplement can you use to provide your body with an extra boost of nutrition Ningxia Red. Have you heard of it? It’s by far my favorite supplement! It helps power you through nutrition; specifically with wolfberries.

Haven’t heard of wolfberries? Wolfberry is another name for goji berry. These berries are well-known around the world as being a “superfood” thanks to their incredible health benefits. Consuming them gives you a feeling of wellbeing and calmness, increases clarity, enhances athletic performance, increased energy and stamina, higher quality of sleep, and assists in healthy weight loss. They are especially good for promoting optimal liver and kidney functioning.

Please note: If you take blood thinners, diabetes or blood pressure medications, you may want to avoid goji berries because of possible drug interactions, so please talk with your doctor first before consuming any.

NIH (National Institute of Health) even has a whole ebook that discusses the biomolecular and clinical aspects of wolfberries, where it describes long-term use of wolfberries as being “beneficial for strengthening the body, keeping fit, prolonging life, and easing life through all the seasons.” If you have some spare time, the ebook linked above is definitely worth reading (and is written in a manner that is easy to read too).

** While wolfberries are a night shade, they do not act like a night shade. Many people who are sensitive to night shades do avoid Ningxia supplements because of it. Most people who try Ningxia Red have noticed none of the night shade effects.

Ningxia Red

Ningxia Red is a daily nutrient infusion featuring wolfberries that supports health and wellness. It contains whole-fruit wolfberry puree and superfruit juices, including blueberry, plum, cherry, Aronia, pomegranate, and grape seed extract. In addition to the fruit juices and purées, it’s formulated with orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils.

Making 1–2 ounces of NingXia Red part of breakfast for an energy boost is a great way to kick-start your morning. I started drinking an ounce of Ningxia Red every day in December of 2014, and noticed a HUGE difference after day 3. I suddenly had energy and my foggy “mommy brain” cleared up. I was able to focus and actually wanted to be productive, which was a huge win for me being 6 months postpartum. Emotionally, I felt like a new woman. I felt balanced, and actually enjoyed being awake. I finally felt human again. It even helped me gain the energy and will power to start going for long walks again.

Gain more energy, naturally, without toxic ingredients... or the afternoon crash

Ningxia Zyng

Ningxia Zyng is a sparkling drink, made with a blend of black pepper and lime essential oils, wolfberry puree, white tea extract, and vitamins. It’s light. It’s refreshing. Its crisp. It is flavorful, but not too sweet. Its only 35 calories. I would have never thought to pair black pepper with lime, but it’s actually delicious (lime essential oil tends to make everything even better).

My only complaint is I have to hide – usually in the laundry room – from my toddler while drinking it (just like I do when sneaking chocolate) because he loves stealing it from me! It’s perfect for road trips. It brings clarity and alertness without the sugar rush or subsequent crash caused by most drinks.

Have you tried any Ningxia yet??

You’re welcome to join us on the journey too! If you’re not already a member, you can become one by purchasing your Ningxia Red Starter Kit here. The kit contains 2 large bottles of Ningxia Red, 30 2oz packets of Ningxia Red, 14 single serve size tubes, a 5ml bottle of Stress Away essential oil blend, and a handful of essential oil samples.

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