Thin Mint DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

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It’s that time of year again… where our Facebook newsfeeds are filled with daughters selling Girl Scout cookies… and everyone who is committed to sticking with their diets sheepishly trying to convince everyone they didn’t see it…

Meanwhile there are moms like me… who fill their homes with the sweet smell of cookies… even when there aren’t any freshly baked cookies to indulge in. I should probably do something about that…

DIY Thin Mint Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Recipe

  • 2 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 4 drops Stress Away Essential Oil Blend

Something about peppermint and Stress Away… when merged together in diffusing goodness… it reminds me of sitting in the living room with my mom snacking away on Thin Mint Cookies a friend of mine sold us by the case.

And now… if you’ll please excuse me… I’ll be stocking up on my favorite supplement for blocking sugar and carbs while my husband fulfills our Girl Scout Cookie cravings by ordering a box or three…

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