Heal Mosquito Bites Naturally

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It is that time of year… the weather is gorgeous and beckoning for you to come out and enjoy the sun, some shade, and some warm weather fun. And for those pesky little bugs that love to take advantage of your outdoor adventures and feast on your skin. If you’re anything like me, those little bites end up becoming rather large, alarming welts. Thankfully we’ve found a great way to heal mosquito bites naturally, without using any harmful chemicals that could produce undesired effects.

Do you have mosquito bites that swell up? Or just hate the obsessive painful itching that those little buggers cause? We found a trick that works every time to help suck out the yuck and make your bites stop itching within seconds!
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It is no secret here on EssentialOils.Life we love our natural wellness routines. This one came as a bit of a surprise.

My first time using it, I was itching like crazy after serving my skin up as a buffet in our mosquito infested swampy backyard while doing some yard work. Itching like crazy, I figured I’d come in and wash up to keep dirt from getting in a cut if I ended up scratching enough to break my skin.

The closest soap I had to the tub I scrubbed my legs in was my charcoal bar that I used for the summer months when I tend to have more oily skin, and used it on my welted up legs as I quickly washed.

Much to my delight, a light scrub with that wonderful little bar of soap, a quick rinse… and the itching was GONE!

I was astonished how easy it was for us to heal mosquito bites naturally! Not just on me… but also on my toddler!

Where we buy our charcoal soap

There are many places you can get your own bar of charcoal soap from. My first bar was from Beautycounter and I loved it.

Then the company we source our essential oils from came out with their own charcoal bar soap infused with orange essential oil, and I totally fell in love with it. The smell of the orange infused charcoal soap was a little sweeter and more pleasant than the one I originally tried, so that is the one we stick with now.

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