NingXia Red Electrolyte Drink Recipe

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Electrolytes play a crucial role in maintaining our body's overall health and well-being. These electrically charged minerals regulate essential bodily functions, from controlling muscle contractions to balancing fluid levels. Many associate electrolytes with sports drinks, but their benefits extend beyond athletic performance. Unfortunately, most electrolyte drinks on the market contain harmful additives that aren't actually beneficial to your health. Instead of risking your wellness, swap your electrolyte drinks for something healthier, like this Ningxia Red Electrolyte Drink you can make at home.

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Because sports drinks typically contain very high sugar levels, they are not recommended for use by children. And as you can imagine, they’re not terrific for teens, adults, or those suffering illnesses such as depression and other health conditions. In fact, I don't to recommend them at all to my clients, and refuse to feed them to my family!

Sports drinks are used to inhibit losing electrolytes; however, they are insufficient to restore balance afterward. Sports drinks are also not appropriate for fluid replacement while enduring diarrhea. 

Electrolyte and sports drinks can be homemade using the correct proportions of natural health-promoting sugar, salt, and water – see the recipe below and make your own high-quality ‘real’ electrolyte drink.

NingXia Red Electrolyte Drink Recipe

In a glass bottle, mix Ningxia Red, Mineral Essence, Lemon and Peppermint Vitality Oils, Honey (or Agave), and aloe. Add water and sulfurzyme.

Consider reusing empty NingXia Red bottles or Mason Jars.

mason jars for diy sugar scrub.

Remember… plastic and essential oils don't mix well. Don't miss our article about finding the right bottle for essential oil-infused drinks.

** You can make a more watered-down version of this recipe for children over the age of 6 by doubling the water, aloe, and honey in the recipe.

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