DIY Soothing Cotton Eye Round Fix For Tired Eyes

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DIY cotton eye rounds featuring frankincense essential oil are perfect for tired eyes, reducing dark circles, and using healthy, homemade, non-toxic skincare. They’re soothing to your skin and contain the same anti-aging properties that come with using frankincense and rose oils.

Ingredients for your DIY Soothing Cotton Eye Round

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Directions To Make Your Frankincense Cotton Eye Rounds

Mix ¼ cup of rose water (rich in vitamin c), 6 drops of frankincense oil, and 2 drops of roman chamomile oil. Cut a circular cotton round in half, and soak both halves in the rosewater mixture.

How to use your eye rounds, safely

To use your frankincense eye rounds, take them out of the mixture, squeeze just enough of the rose water mix that it isn’t sopping wet, and rest with your eyes closed and the damp round covering your eyes. Continue resting for at least 15 minutes.

Make sure to keep your eyes closed while the round is over your eyes. Gently pat them dry before opening so you don’t risk getting the mixture into your eye.

If you do get the mixture in your eyes and it burns, do not use water to rinse. Instead, use a carrier oil to rinse your eyes (I recommend sweet almond oil).

Pro-Tip: Resuse Your Mixture!!

Take your leftover mixture, and create ice cubes out of it.

Once frozen, when you’re ready to use it, simply wrap up your ice pack in a thick towel and rest it over your eyes, while you’re lying down with your eyes closed.

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