20 Lovely Uses for Peace & Calming Essential Oil Blend

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Just like the name says… this is the essential oil for peace and calming is the only blend you'll need. Applying this little bottle of essential oil to your body or in your diffuser goes a long way for helping you gain a sense of feeling peaceful and calm.

PEACE AND CALMING!!!!! C​an you tell that's a big deal???? Seriously… it is! Peace and Calming essential oil blend is one of Young Living's all time member favorites. It went out of stock from mid-May 2016 until mid-2018 because it is so HIGHLY sought after. in 2018, P&C was available in limited supply until early 2019 when Young Living revamped their Premium Starter Kit, adding Peace and Calming essential oil blend for the first time since 2015!

So… what is in it?? Peace and Calming is a Young Living proprietary essential oil blend comprised of tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli, and blue tansy.

What does Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blend Do?

It helps put you in a better, more peaceful mood by calming you down and helping you relax. This is especially helpful if you live in a large city (like we currently do) and find yourself stuck in some infuriating traffic. It is also especially helpful for our family during stressful moments, like managing family chaos, grocery shopping at the wrong (crowded) time of day, and when the kids have hit their nap-less limits.

Just like its name… “it peaces you out and calms you down” – a direct quote from my 5 year old.

20 Lovely Uses for Young Living's Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blends

  1. Diffuse at home to help you relax​ after a long day
  2. Dilute and rub over your temples, neck, or back… or diffuse… to help you calm your mind
  3. Improve your sleep by diffusing at night before bedtime
  4. Diffuse an hour before bedtime to help kids calm down and get ready for bed
  5. Sniff from the bottle or diffuse in your car to minimize anger while driving through poor traffic
  6. Wear in diffusing jewelry when going through stressful moments
  7. Dilute and apply to your legs to calm them down and help you sleep
  8. Diffuse to create a fresh, citrusy spa-like smell for your home or office
  9. Mix with a carrier oil for a special relaxing massage
  10. Use during your yoga routine to help calm your mind
  11. Use while meditating to help quiet your mind
  12. Diffuse during prayer to relax your mind and focus
  13. Diffuse to help calm the tension in your home during stressful moments
  14. Make it apart of your bath time routine by adding it to a soaking bath
  15. Wear as a perfume by diluting and applying on pulse points, or wearing in diffusing jewelry
  16. Diffuse to help calm and relax a stressed out pet (or you can dilute and apply the oil directly on your pet's fur behind their ears)
  17. Stop night time teeth grinding by diffusing Peace and Calming at night while you sleep
  18. Decrease sleepwalking by applying Peace and Calming behind your ears and on your feet
  19. Open your heart chakra by breathing in or wearing Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blend
  20. Keep your family (and pets) calm during fireworks
  21. Make a linen spray for your sheets, drapes, curtains, or laundry
  22. Add to your laundry's dryer balls (or homemade dryer sheets) during the last few minutes of a dry cycle for a fresh aroma on your clothes
  23. Keep it in a roller bottle for quick access anywhere you are
Peace and Calming essential oil blend is highly sought after to help you calm down and relax. Fantastic for reducing stress, P&C has many ways it will help increase your quality of life

DIY Ideas withPeace And Calming Essential Oil Blend

DIY Peace and Calming Spray

What you'll need:

  • Peace and Calming essential oil blend
  • distilled water
  • Witchazel or vodka
  • 4oz spray bottle

Place 10 drops of Peace and Calming into a 4oz spray bottle. Add 2 TBS Witchazel or vodka. Then fill the rest of the way with distilled water.

Because oils and water don't mix (and neither do oils and grain alcohols), be sure to shake your bottle before spraying.

Why use vodka or Witchazel? because it helps the aroma in the spray bottle last longer.

Peace and Calming Roller Bottle

Create your own peace and calming essential oil blend roller bottle
Be sure to pin this to save for later!

What you'll need:

  • Peace and Calming essential oil
  • 10ml roller bottle
  • Your favorite carrier oil

For a general rule of thumb, I typically use one drop of essential oil per ml with the oils that I'm applying to my skin. When making a roller bottle for my young kids (under 10), I typically use 1 (one) drop of essential oil per 5ml carrier oil.

If you're using a 10ml roller bottle, add in 10 drops of Peace and Calming essential oil blend, then fill the bottle to the neck with your favorite carrier oil. Place the roller top on top of the bottle, and make sure it is on tight so it doesn't fall off and empty everything out.

If you don't have a 10ml roller bottle, you can use a leftover 5ml or 15ml bottle and add a roller top to the top of it. (We often do this to help reduce any waste… usually will reuse old oil bottles before purchasing new ones)

  • For a 5ml roller, use up to 5 drops Peace and Calming
  • For a 15ml roller, use up to 15 drops Peace and Calming

Our Favorite Uses for Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blend

Peace and Calming was the first oil I used to help me calm down from panic attacks. It is the perfect oil blend to choose when you're hyped up and need to chill out. Something about it is so peaceful and relaxing that you can just feel that tension melt away when sniffing it, whether you're using your diffuser to give your face a steam bath, or just sniffing it out of the bottle. Now when I know we are about to walk into a tense situation, I apply Peace and Calming before even entering the room.

Then toddlers happened. Child screaming and crying all morning. Diffusing various oils to no avail. Finally rubbed Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blend down my toddler's spine. He stopped crying in less than a minute. Why didn't I do this hours prior? My head was about to explode. Then we were able to calmly figure out what caused the meltdown and remedy the issue (like wearing the wrong colored sock on the right foot).

Frequently Asked Questions about Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blend

Many questions come with using essential oils… how to use them, safety, animal questions, kid questions… and everywhere in between. In this section, we are covering all the questions we're being asked about Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blend

Can you use Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blend on animals?

Yes! This is one of our favorite blends to use on our dogs during the summertime when our area launches fireworks (which isn't always just on the 4th of July).

Young animals (just like young children) are often attracted to this essential oil blend. I've seen horses, dogs, and cats want nothing more than to be around where it is diffusing.

Just make sure you provide your animals a way to leave the room that you're diffusing in. It is important to allow them to be able to go to a different room if they've decided they've had enough of the essential oils diffusing or need a break.

Is Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blend Safe to use with Children?

Yes. It is generally accepted as safe to use around children 2 and up. If you apply topically, please dilute more than normal. I typically recommend 1-2 drops of essential oil per 5ml (or 1 TBS) of carrier oil.

Can you DIY Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blend??

Yes. The copycat recipe we've found useful back when Young Living's Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blend was out of stock for a LONG time is:

  • 25 drops Tangerine Essential Oil
  • 25 drops Orange Essential Oil
  • 15 drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Patchouli Essential Oil
  • 4 drops Camomile Essential Oil (either Roman or German can be used)

Place the essential oil drops into an empty 5ml essential oil bottle.

I like to reuse old essential oil bottles for custom blends to help save money on extra bottles and to reduce our family's trash and recycling waste.

Is There A doTERRA equivalent essential oil blend to Young Living's Peace and Calming?

Yes. doTERRA's Cheer essential oil blend is their most similar essential oil blend to Young Living's Peace and Calming.

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Where to find and buy Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blend?

Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blend is a Young Living exclusive essential oil blend. We love Young Living because of they set the industry standards for high quality essential oils.

We would love to join you on your healthier lifestyle journey by providing you with a supportive community of like-minded women, families, and men. Our team leaders provide group and individual coaching to our members all over the world.

Peace and Calming essential oil blend is now a bonus oil in Young Living's Premium Starter Kit!

A Warning About Buying Peace and Calming on Amazon!

DO NOT purchase Peace and Calming on Amazon, even if it looks like a good deal. Young Living does NOT sell their oils on Amazon and cannot guarantee the quality of any YL oils purchased there.

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