Why I Use Essential Oils

Other than smelling amazing, essential oils have many properties that help you feel better without any nasty or toxic chemical additives that potentially could produce annoying or dangerous side effects.

Why I use essential oils:

I've used essential oils for most of my life to help me overcome everything from nausea to headaches and pains to dizziness to helping me regain control over my stress and tension, to adopting a healthier lifestyle, and even to help my son feel better while teething.

Essential oils have increased my quality of life by:

There is no limit to how these oils can help! I really do feel as though “I have an oil for that.”

I started my oily journey when I was six years old. (Yes, my mom used them with me when I was 6!). I used them on and off for little things like lavender to soothe my tension headaches and dropping peppermint on my shirt when I was nauseous. Then in 2013 my life was turned upside down for a second time when I began my healing journey (you can read more about that at www.nikkygraber.com/blog/but-you-dont-look-sick)

Ever sat and wondered about whether essential oils would help you or work for you? Curious about whether or not they will benefit your lifestyle? Here is our reasons why we use essential oils

Essential oils supported my healing process

In 2013, I expanded my oil use to cleaning and specifically targeting certain areas as I felt as though I needed help supporting healthy respiration, nerves, digestion, and circulation. I needed to remove cleaning and personal care products from my home that contained harmful ingredients. I use them most often to clean, support the immune system, manage stress, and to promote a healthy emotional well-being.

Since making a few dietary changes, ditching the toxins in our home, even my migraines and seizures have stopped! I'm not nearly as anxious, and feel confident about my newfound independence.

I'm truly amazed by the human body and now am convinced of the effects toxins can have on our health and how important it is to give our bodies “boosters” that support healthy functioning.

Essential oils help with maintaining our bodies

Just like you would for your home or vehicle… preventative maintenance is rarely thought of when it comes to taking care of our bodies. It is much easier to maintain your health than to regain it (though it's not impossible to regain your health and keep it too!). This, I know from personal experience, and after living through it, makes so much sense. Just like your car needing an oil change to keep running… your body needs self-care, nourishment, and reduced exposure to harmful chemicals.

Essential oils truly have been a blessing to use everyday that helps my family abstain from avoidable toxin exposure, which allows our bodies the relief they need to heal from unavoidable toxin exposure. I've been so impressed and excited about my results that I found it too difficult not to talk about them… therefore, I'm sharing them with everyone!

Essential oils are truly multifaceted, which means each oil is able to do a multitude of different things.

In fact, there is so much to these oils that I've created an introductory email class to help you learn the basics and get started.

I choose to regularly use essential oils and recommend them to others mainly because they make me feel better, intensify my personal and spiritual development, they give my family peace of mind knowing we are closing natural methods of making our home clean, they provide healthy alternatives to our skin care, and being surrounded by amazing smells is definitely an added bonus. I never thought the little bottles of smells would also provide me with an unparalleled sense of purpose, and replace my former military income… not to mention open doors to create some incredible friendships with the kind of people who renew our faith in humanity each and every day.

A renewed sense of purpose

I'll never forget a conversation with an old friend in August 2014. She needed more help navigating using essential oils as a beginning oil user, and thanked me for my guidance. Before the call ended, we talked more about life with my new baby, and how I've been unable to find employment since recovering from my health ailments. She asked me “why don't you turn your knowledge into your own business?” And it hit me… I've always mentored and coached friends for free and through the previous year that I was without symptoms, I had walked through several friends through the same healing process. I realized I had usable knowledge that would help more people if I were to start my own business.

Since then, I've helped over 150 families into leading a more natural lifestyle through ditching toxic home cleaning supplies, personal care, and over the counter products for more natural living solutions. And decided to take it one step further by publicly teaching classes in person and online, teaching new oils coaches, and writing about it here on my blog.

They've had such a profound impact in my life that I can't help but to share my experiences and my oils, and I'm always so excited to hear how they've helped other people too. This is exactly why I started coaching people with how to use them and live healthier and happier.

Although I never intended to turn my love for oils and natural living into a business, I can honestly say that I am privileged to be able to develop relationships with people and see their journey to leading healthier lifestyles while having some incredible support from a quickly growing team of inspiring and creative people.

Working from home through sharing these oils and how much they enhance lives really has become my “happy place.” I feel so privileged to make a living by focusing on helping other people

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