22 Ways to Help Your Mind Slow Down

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What do you do when your mind just won’t stop? It’s that moment again… at the most inopportune time your mind decides to race, keeping you awake, preventing you from focusing, or completely distracting you from your mountain of “to-do list” entries.

You just want to get enough done today to feel productive and accomplished, and then sleep. But no… you’re worried about work, the family, whether or not you sounded stupid in that conversation earlier. You’re worried if you filled the dog’s water dish enough, and all the sudden are flooded with ideas to advance that project at work. Why do you keep thinking about work???? It’s time to sleep! Work can be dealt with tomorrow… but this graphic would look nice in that presentation slide… and should you really submit that video??

Mitochondrial Summit

So what do you do? Do you distract yourself with Facebook until wee hours of the night? Do you turn on the History Channel or HGTV to “zone out” with until you fall asleep? Why is your spouse snoring when you can’t even close your eyes?!?!?!?!!

You’re not alone!

Are your thoughts a mess? We found 22 ways to help your mind slow down, so you don't have to be a slave to a rogue brain, and live your best life feeling fulfilled after learning how to embrace being mentally calm

Here are 22 ideas to help your mind calm down

I’ve separated my ideas into 2 categories: inside and outside. I did this with the midset that sometimes you want something mindless to do inside as you’re winding down for the day, and because other times you want something to help lose yourself in out of your home.

Inside Activities:

We all need low-key activities we can do inside. Whether the reasoning is inclimate weather or needing to wind down before going to bed, sometimes being out and active in nature isn’t feasible.

Pictures. Whether you’re a hobby photographer, love piecing together puzzles, drawing, coloring in coloring books, painting, or have a knack for needle point… focusing on creating pictures helps redirect your mental and emotional energy. Use your creative energy as an outlet for the flood of creative thoughts and worries that drive you mad.

Outside & Activities

Yoga (inside or outside), especially combined with meditation, is incredible for resetting your mind. A quick tip: instead of focusing on forcing a clear mind during meditation and yoga, focus on the stretches. Focus on how your body is moving and aligning. Focus on how each stretch makes you feel. When meditating, search for deep reflection and spiritual connection. The key isn’t to silence your mind, but to redirect your focus peacefully.

limbic system is so intriguing. Different smells incite different emotions. They can help balance your mood, relax your mind, help you focus, inspire your creativity, and motivate you to get moving.

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Baking. When I find myself in a funk, I often find myself with an urge to bake. Whether its cookies, brownies, cakes, or pies, baking reminds me of simpler times when I was young creating delectable items with my mom and grandmother. Now that I have a little one of my own, I cherish those moments when we make messes together in the kitchen, and the splashing fun that comes with cleaning up the mess we made. Time spent in the kitchen has always been special to my family.

Essential Oils

It’s no secret on this blog that we love using quality essential oils. Whether you’re the DIY type or appreciate having essential oil blends premade and ready to go, there is always an oil or blend to match your current needs.

And of course, sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to DIY. My favorite essential oil brand has a few pre-made essential oil blends that are ideal for helping relax your mind and stop that overwhelming flow of random thoughts.

My favorite: Valor

What do you do to calm your mind and recenter?

I’d love to read about it in the comments!!

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