diy proverbs linen spray featuring myrrh, sandalwood, and cinnamon essential oils

DIY Proverbs Linen Spray With 3 Oils To Inspire Romance

With so much wisdom in the Bible, many people are surprised to realize that there is also info in there about romantic endeavors. Chapter 7 of the Book of Proverbs is no exception and inspires this DIY Proverbs Linen Spray recipe. I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.  Proverbs 7:17 What I

DIY glow serum for dry face using essential oils

DIY Glow Serum for Dry Skin

Do you suffer from dry skin that just won’t seem to go away? If so, making a DIY face serum for your dry skin may be the solution you’re looking for! With the right ingredients, you can make a glow serum that will provide your skin with the natural nourishment it needs to stay hydrated

sandalwood essential oil user guide: uses, benefits, scientific studies, recipes, and FAQs

Sandalwood Essential Oil: Benefits, Studies, Uses, & FAQ

Sandalwood essential oil has become increasingly popular in recent years for its many health and beauty benefits. It is one of the most popular and ancient oils used in aromatherapy. Its sweet, woody aroma has been used for centuries to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is known for its calming effect on the

DIY Florida Water

Florida water is a combination of essential oils mixed with a solvent (in this case, alcohol). It originally was made in Florida, inspired by the Fountain of Youth, which according to folklore is located in St Augustine, FL. Originally, Florida Water was sold as a unisex cologne or perfume, providing a lighter than normal spicy-citrus-floral

homemade sugar scrub

The Best DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe (with 40+ Aroma Ideas)

Sugar scrubs. They are fantastic to use to exfoliate your skin and despite the high prices, you’ll pay at the store and online for pre-made sugar scrubs. Plus many most of them contain harmful ingredients. Keep in mind that what we put on our skin ends up being absorbed into our skin and then into

9 Best Essential Oils for Loneliness & Isolation

It’s no secret… essential oils are great for more than just making your home smell nice. Essential oils have been proven in numerous studies to help support your mind and body through inspiring healthier emotions, which is especially important when you’re feeling overwhelmingly isolated and lonely. 9 Best Essential Oils for Feeling Lonely & Isolated:

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Kidscents GeneYus Essential Oil Blend Uses & FAQ

The Kidscents GeneYus Essential Oil Blend was specifically designed for helping support children’s minds. This is an excellent oil blend to use while concentrating on projects or schoolwork by creating an atmosphere promotes mental clarity, creativity, critical thinking, and mental alertness. Kidscents GeneYus Essential Oil Blend Ingredients: This is predicated in caprylic/capric triglycerides (derived from

34 DIY Essential Oils Blends For Improving Focus

Essential oils have many uses that may enhance your quality of life. Using essential oils for improving your clarity and focus are among hundreds of ways you can improve your quality of life without totally disrupting your overall lifestyle. Essential oils that improve your clarity and focus Blue Cypress Eucalyptus Lavender Lemon Lemongrass Frankincense Peppermint

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Using Essential Oils with Moon Phases & Energy

 Albert Einstein taught us everything is energy. Essential oils and the moon are no different. Both provide different energy frequencies that impact how we feel both physically and mentally. And when you use essential oils intentionally with the different moon phases, you’re able to amplify their effects. When I first started using essential oils, I was

6 Essential Oils That Support Collagen Production

Collagen has been a hot topic within the natural wellness space again, and for good reason. It has provided some impressive positive results for many people through achieving anti-aging, fitness, and wellness goals. After doing a lot of research about collagen and which supplements are the best, I came across arguments outlining the benefits of

7 Steps to Use Essential Oils for Emotional Healing

Essential oils are powerful tools for helping us navigate our emotions, enabling our moods to shift from tense chaotic thoughts to embracing gratitude, calming down, and continuing to live feeling less restricted and more capable. In this article, we are sharing how we use essential oils to help contribute to our emotional healing journey, and

9 Delightful Foaming Hand Soap Recipes Using Essential Oils

Sometimes you just need to change things up in life and embrace the little things. There is just something about having different aromas in the diffuser, and different smelling hand soaps at different times of year that just make your heart light up. Take a break from the monotony and indulge in a little extra

Essential Oils for Military Veterans

Everyone transitioning out of the military back into the civilian culture goes through different struggles at different severity levels. Some hide their emotions better than others. Some manage to transition smoothly without any issue at all. My transition and the transitions of most disabled veterans that I’m friends with were more severe, filled with some

Using Essential Oils for Yoga & Meditation

Yoga… it all began in India thousands of years ago and has now become a popular form of exercise and meditation for millions of people around the world. Yoga combines meditation, breathing exercises, stretching through various postures, and deep relaxation techniques that combine to provide a holistic approach to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. ***

With all the scary stuff going on with YouTube Kids and the MoMo challenge tormenting so many littles, use this DIY monster spray featuring essential oils to help your kiddo fight off monsters and enjoy their room with confidence

DIY Anti-Monster Spray for Kids

Nightmares, monsters, scary sounds… there are no shortage of things causing kids angst at night. And now with the crazy YouTube Kids revelations where parents have found disturbing content embedded in what should be harmless kid shows, our little ones have even more to fear. While we cut the cord on YouTube Kids and well…

Best DIY Spring Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Hello Spring! What a refreshing season to bask in. Snow melting. Flowers popping up. We have some of our favorite DIY blends for spring right here, for you to enjoy! Spring Blossom DIY essential oil blend is made with jasmine, eucalyptus, and peppermint essential oils. It’s crisp, bright, and energizing. Perfect for waking your soul

20+ Ways to Slow Your Mind & Stop Overthinking

What do you do when your mind just won’t stop? It’s that moment again… at the most inopportune time your mind decides to race, keeping you awake, preventing you from focusing, or completely distracting you from your mountain of “to-do list” entries. We have personal experience going from overthinking to finding inner peace. In this

valentine diffuser blends; love diffuser blends; DIY romantic diffuser blends

Love and Romance DIY Essential Oil Blends

It is no secret that essential oils are phenominal for helping reset your mood. There are oils to help you relax… to welcome guests… to overcome grief and sorrow… There are also essential oils to help facilitate a loving, romantic environment. Below you’ll find our favorite Love and Romance DIY Essential Oil Blends! Here are a

Essential Oil Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again… that time of year to be on the hunt for the next best gift to give a loved one. But what do you buy someone who already seems to have everything? Chances are if you’re on our site, you’re looking for something to appeal to someone who enjoys the

Essential Oils to Quiet Your Mind

Tired of feeling like you’re wasting your time with meditation, “being fully present,” and all that other “woo woo” stuff designed to help you be the best version of yourself? Do any of those crazy phrases that make you feel like a silly tree hugger even work? Are you wasting your time? Or is there

DIY Geranium Face Mask

Self-care… its one of those things we do to show our bodies how much we care. Our bodies do a lot for us, and taking the time to periodically do little things to make us feel good and cared for is the key to living happier and healthier. And just like Grandma’s homemade cookies always

Feeling Lost and Stuck?

Everyday we wake up to a new day, even though sometimes our days are so similar they seem to melt together in our memories, making us feel stuck in monotony to the point where you’re stuck thinking “Now what?” I know this feeling all to well. After separating from the Navy in 2008, I spent